Long Island, Bahamas Covid19 Information – ‘Good to Know’:


To travel here:

WE’RE READY TO WELCOME YOU! The health and wellbeing of all who enter or reside in The Bahamas remains the number one priority, and diligent efforts are enforced to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The following travel and entry protocols have been put in place to ensure The Bahamas is a safe and clean destination for all to enjoy.

Please refer to:  https://www.bahamas.com/travelupdates

To vacation here: 

Our Resort Club follows all of the rules of our Government’s COVID HEALTH MANDATES.

We and our most of our staff are vaccinated, we also adhere to the same and any ongoing procedures (tests, vaccinations, mask-wearing, etc.).

We self-restrict our occupancies.

We do not promote entertainment events which may attract significant non-hotel-guest attendances.

All of our facilities are widely spread across a generous semi-natural palm garden, directly bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Users of our interior spaces – restaurant, bar, lounge, TV room, all in airy settings and all extending into the open exteriors – allow easy between-party-spacing.

We do appropriately and responsibly react to any meaningful changes of this situation, asking for our clients’ understanding if some operational adjustments become necessary.


Make your test appointments at any of the following Clinics on Long Island. We are also happy to do this service for you when you arrive at the Resort!


(North Long Island) Simms Clinic : Tel 1 242 338 8488

(South Long Island) Deadman’s Cay Clinic: Tel 1 242 337 1222

(South Long Island) Deadman’s Cay, Bonaventure Lab (RT PCR Testing): Tel 1 242 822 2932

UPDATED TRAVEL PROTOCOL for the Bahamas, (effective Jan 9, 2022)

ALL fully vaccinated visitors to the Bahamas (aged 12 and above) are required to provide a negative Rapid Antigen Test or  RT-PCR test taken within 3 days (72 hours) prior to your arrival to the Bahamas.

All un-vaccinated visitors (aged 12 and above) must provide a negative RT-PCR test (not Rapid Antigen Test) administered within 3 days (72 hours) prior to their arrival to the Bahamas. Rapid Antigen Tests are acceptable for children 2-11.

  • Simply upload your Vaccination Card and Negative Test Result to travel.gov.bs to apply for your Bahamas Health Visa.
  • Please apply for Travel Health Visa as soon as you received the results from your COVID Testing. You can only enter the Bahamas with an APPROVED Bahamas Health Visa.
  • All travelers 18 and older must complete individual Health Visas. Those under 18 can be included on parents Health Visa.

ALL Travelers visiting for more than 48hrs (2 days) require a COVID rapid antigen test administered on day two of your stay. These are administered at Simms Clinic in the north of Long Island, or Deadman’s Cay Clinic for the south of Long Island. We are happy to make appointments for you.

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