Discover the Stunning Underwater world!


Divided by the Tropic of Cancer, Long Island has weather conditions that are most enjoyable year-round and so are ideal for snorkeling vacations.


Surrounded by the turquoise shallows of the leeside – the Exuma Bank – and the rich ink-blues of the Atlantic along the East, you find an ever-changing scenery of rolling headlands, where dramatic cliffs alternate with countless peaceful coves and secluded beaches.


All along the Atlantic shore and along the entire North End, at its protected West, right along the water’s edges or a stones throw farther out, shallow coral shelves and heads lay out fascinating snorkeling options.


Whether you are a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner…and we can teach you in minutes, nearby highlights such as Cape Santa Maria, Columbus Harbour, The Caves, Poseidon’s Point, or Coral Gardens – to name a few – will intrigue everyone.


Along the East, the scenic drama is that of breathtaking coral formations, of giant parrot fish combing the shallows, of passing eagle rays showing off their moves, of turtles and grouper inciting the viewer’s delight. At the ‘calm‘ island side, sea garden formations and ever-so colourful coral heads, with their jewel-like whirrs of ‘residential’ school fish darting here and there, where crawfish allow up-close inspections, and where visits of traveling schools of jacks may leave you momentarily speechless, time will pass by without your noticing. The only effort you may have to apply is to remember to leave the water again, when your time is up.


Snorkeling trips are complimentary to all Stella Maris Resort Guests, booked under our Nightly Rates or our All-Inclusive Package Rates. Seven days of the week we schedule a.m. and p.m. from-shore outings.


If you cannot bring your own snorkel gear, a $6.—per day rental fee applies + 10% VAT.


Snorkel boat excursions can be routinely arranged via the Resort for a full day or ½ day Charter.

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