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Scuba Diving

Would you like to put a bit of adventure back into your vacation life? Are you a diver already or would you wish to learn how to? With your dive buddy or spouse, or with the kids? Or come as a dive group? The Stella Maris facilities and service and our surrounding ocean will ensure your full enjoyment.

The independently owned and operated Stella Maris Water Sports, in association with our Resort, offers the following: Instructions, Guided Dive Day and Night Trips, Group Dive Schedules, Dive & Stay Packages, and per prior arrangement even group overnight dive cruises.

Its overall dive modus strives to respond to participants’ preferences, as much as day-to-day excursion scheduling does. Our diving typically serves individual divers (singles, couples, families, small groups) and does not cater to massive numbers of participants. Therefore, ability levels and participants’ dive site preferences can be very flexibly accommodated.

Here is a brief overview of our local diving sites:

  •  Day and Night diving along our calm leeside as well as along the more adventurous Atlantic North-East shore (depths 30 to 100’, coral heads, reefs, walls)
  •  The world’s first developed and still naturally unchanged Stella Maris Shark Reef
  •  The “Comberbach” freighter: an ideal 100’ maximum depth wreck dive
  •  “Conception Island” Wall: from 40’ to ‘bottomless’, unmatched anywhere for its beauty and reef life
  •  “Dean’s Blue Hole”: deepest known blue hole of the world

For further details:
Phone: 1-242-338-2055