Stunning Dive sites around Long Island!


Long Island’s dive sites offer great variety for the beginner as well as the experienced.


Within just a 30 minute boat drive, from Stella Maris Marina or other nearby dock sites, leeside one finds lovely reef and coral head areas in depths of just 30 to 60 feet, with stop-over beaches nearby.  


Within this protected leeside there is also the wreck of the “M.V. Comberbach”, a steel freighter, sunk there about four decades ago, prepared for diving.


If one ventures over to nearby Conception Island, located 13 miles NE from Long Island’s north end, its 1.5  mile-long leeside coral wall, with tops of only 45 feet, leaves every diver breathless;  this may well be the most beautiful and easy wall diving of not only the Bahamas, but the entire Caribbean.


Mostly along the north-east end of Long Island, there are some easy-to-get-to reef sites, perfect for from-shore diving.

And – not to forget:  The world’s deepest Blue Hole, “Dean’s”, a must for just viewing, swimming or snorkeling over, diving into!


Scuba Diving is being offered by a variety of local operators that will go out with 1-4 persons and we are glad to provide assistance.

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