Things You Never Knew About Sharks [Infographic]

Would you swim with sharks? If you answered yes, did you know that you don’t have to be a shark expert to dive with these amazing creatures? Stella Maris Resort in the Bahamas is the originator of shark diving. Offering an up-close look at the inhabitants of the nearby Shark Reef, our Bahamas dive packages give adventure-seekers the thrill of a lifetime.

Stella Maris is getting into the Shark Week spirit this year, along with millions of other fans, by sharing an infographic all about sharks. “Things You Never Knew About Sharks” is stuffed with interesting shark facts even avid shark enthusiasts may not know. Once you get to know these guys a little better, will you still want to swim with the sharks?

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[Via: Stella Maris Resort Shark Diving Vacations]

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