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Bahamas Diving: Where Shark Diving Began

Stella Maris Shark Reef...Often Copied, Never Matched!

Long Island, Bahamas, April 26, 2010: When the divers at Stella Maris Bahamas resort began diving with sharks in the mid-seventies it raised a few eyebrows. The idea of telling divers that they were about to deliberately enter the water to see sharks seemed to contradict popular dive promotion of the day. But that was then. Now divers come from around the globe to sample Shark Diving in the Bahamas. And thirty years later, divers can still witness, first-hand, the beauty and power of the apex predator of the Bahamian and Caribbean reef: Carcharhimus perezi - the Caribbean reef shark, at Stella Maris.

In 1968, when the sport of Scuba Diving was in it's infancy Divers flocked to Long Island Bahamas in response to the resorts promotion of scuba diving for vacationers. In the 60's and 70's Jorg Friese served as the main dive guide. In those beginning years Jorg explored every nook and cranny of Long Island underwater life, by foot, by car, by boat, by sinking boat… Those early explorations led to the formation of today's Bahamas diving centering on the waters on north, northeast and northwest Long Island. Bahamas diving today still centers on the adventurous, including the world famous 'Shark Reef'. Stella Maris was the first to explore Rum Cay and Conception Island, a wall unquestionably offering the most beautiful and pristine diving experience. The southern end of Cat Island and Exuma, as well as Long Island's own Green and Blue holes, including the Blue Hole now know to be the world's deepest.

In 2010, the adventure continues Shark Reef, one of Stella Maris' most popular dives is performed about twice a week. In 30' of protected leeside water, divers gather in an underwater amphitheater as guides feed the sharks. It is Jorg's continued respect of the natural beauty of Long Island, its surrounding seas and her creatures, that inspires his dedication to keeping Shark Reef free of unnatural conditioning and gimmicks. The emphasis remains on showing divers these creatures in their natural setting. For shark lovers, it is a chance to study and admire this creature on a dive that makes every effort to maintain its integrity as an unaffected experience.

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