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Stella Maris Resort Club
CONTACT: Elizabeth Vance
TEL: 1-800-426-0466

Snorkel and Dive and Discover an Ocean Playground at Stella Maris

LONG ISLAND, Bahamas, January 24, 2005 — Peek under the surface of azure waters and view the colorful underwater world through a mask at Stella Maris Resort. Enjoy snorkeling at its finest at this virtual ocean playground nestled in the Southern Bahamas on the beautiful and unspoiled Long Island. Stella Maris offers the perfect tropical getaway for adventurers seeking some bottom time and a place in the sand to soak up the sun. The special resort offers multifaceted appeal with enticing snorkeling sites, world class scuba diving, miles of unspoiled natural beauty, and a choice of 8 breathtaking beaches to enjoy.

Snorkeling sites abound on Long Island, which is divided by the Tropic of Cancer. Here weather conditions are enjoyable year-round. Surrounded by the turquoise blue of the Exuma Sound on the lee side and the deep rich blue of the Atlantic on the east, Long Island boasts high cliffs and rolling headlands, peaceful coves and secluded beaches. Traveled by boat, there are some fifteen miles of shoreline enticing snorkelers with an array of hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish and colorful sea life in crystal clear water.

Stella Maris offers self guided and guided excursions. A multitude of locations will hold appeal to beginners as well as advanced snorkelers, one of the more popular being Columbus Harbor and The Caves. Just a few steps from the road lay a small protected beach with a narrow bay offering wonderful snorkel exploring. As incredible as the colors of the Bahamian waters are from above, they explode under the surface.

Stella Maris accommodations consist of hotel rooms, cottages, villas, and bungalows that range from moderate to luxury. All are air-conditioned and are within a stone’s throw of the azure Atlantic. The resort also boasts an in house Chef who prepares a mouthwatering menu of international dishes that blend Bahamian, American, and Continental cuisine. The Clubhouse houses the restaurant, bar/lounge, game room, boutique and patios.

Snorkeling is a great fun and easy activity. At Stella Maris whether guests strike off on their own, or join in a guided excursion, they will quickly learn that the only difficult thing about snorkeling is getting out of the water at the end of the day. For more information contact (800) 426-0466 or visit their web site at

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