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How to Plan Your Wedding, Island Style: Wedding Checklist

How to plan a wedding: whether you’re a bride who has everything planned out in her head or you’re looking for ideas a wedding planner eases the way.

Imagine the perfect wedding. Imagine the bride and groom on a sandy beach. Imagine the witnesses and guests. . Get to work on the Wedding Checklist. That’s how to plan your wedding, Island Style. What’s every bride’s most essential tool? A wedding planner: virtual, notebook, or real-life (hopefully with virtual and paper tools to get the job done)!

Wedding toast
How to Plan Your Wedding, Island Style

From imagination to reality, is the wedding planner’s mantra. For Jill, our Stella Maris wedding planner, her wedding checklist is the key. Bahrain . What begins in broad strokes, an exchange of ideas, comes down to the details of how to plan your wedding.

  • Wedding ceremony planning
  • Wedding reception planning
  • Flower arrangements
  • Music planning
  • Photography schedules
  • Wedding party decorations
  • Wedding reception dinners and menus
  • Accommodation arrangements for the bride and groom, and wedding guests
  • Arrangements for Stella Maris Resort Flight service or other air charter from Nassau to our Bahamas resort for wedding guests
  • Appointments and fees for the local Government Administrator

A professional wedding planner ensures that all the questions are answered. “How do I choose flowers?” “Where can our ceremony take place?”

Jill knows that the smallest details make the difference. Maps She handles every detail from intimate rehearsal dinners to spectacular Bahamas wedding receptions. All are delivered with first class service from professional staff.

That’s how to plan your wedding so that on the ‘big day’ it’s all about you.

I still can’t believe that I did virtually nothing to prepare for the wedding other than answer a few questions and had ZERO stress on the day before and day of which is unheard of for the bride! It was exactly as you orchestrated it to be……..relaxed, remote, private and PERFECT! – Annette