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Stella Maris Resort offers hundreds of sites and all depths on the ocean and lee sides for a variety of boats for small or larger groups. Fisherman can enjoy fishing year round due to the presence of a major current stream, the North Equatorial Current. This current originates in the Canary Island and washes the shores of Long Island transporting huge schools of Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Rainbow Runners, Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo.

Deep Sea Fishing, Reef Fishing and Bonefishing excursions at Stella Maris Resort may be added to any of our nightly or package rates.

Deep Sea Fishing:
Deep Sea fishing around the shores of Long Island are great year around!

Boats for Deep Sea Fishing:

27 Contender – for up to 5 persons or 31 and 38 Fishing Troller – for up to 8 persons

  • @ $1200,– for a full day of Deep Sea Fishing – 2 man crew (Rates include all equipment)
  • Overtime for boat, crew, fuel is charged @ $100,– per hour.
  • Distance cruising surcharge quoted upon request.

Best Months for Deep Sea Fishing:

  • Yellow Fin Tuna: April and May
  • Dolphin: March till June
  • Wahoo: September till November
  • Rainbow Runners: March till May
  • Black Fin Tuna: July till December
  • (These fish are caught year round with strong months as noted above)

Reef Fishing:
Reef fishing around the shores of Long Island are great year around!

Boats for Reef Fishing:

31 Contender – for up to 5 persons or 32 and 38 Fishing Troller – for up to 8 persons

  • @ $1100,– for a full day of Reef Fishing – 2 man crew (Rates include all equipment

20’ Open Center Console Boat, 200 Yamaha – for up to 4 persons

  • @ $350,–  for light reef fishing, close to shore (Rates include all equipment)

The waters around Stella Maris are a fly fisherman’s paradise, with average bonefish catches of 15-20, from 2-12 pounds! Fish with our expert guides from Bonafide Bonefishing or explore on your own in our nearby bay!

Boats for Bonefishing:

16’ Hells Bay, with 65 Mercury, Poling Platform or 17’ Maverick, 90 Yamaha, Poling Platform

  • @ $500,– for a full day of Bonefishing
  • @ $450,– for a half day of Bonefishing
  • Max. 2 guests on the boat along with the guide.
  • Plus: transfer between the Resort and the Marina @ $20,– round trip.

Stella Maris Bonefishing Facts:

  • Boats depart from our marina usually at 8:00 a.m.
  • Fly Rods and Spin Rods are available for rent @ $20,– per day and $10,– per day, but own gear is recommended
  • Bait used includes freshly caught white crab and frozen shrimp when spin casting, Shrimp available @ $9,50 per pack
  • Preferred artificial bait – Brown Charley, Silver Charley, good color combinations are dark red/white/silver/yellow/grey
  • Rods that work best here are numbers 8, 9 and 10
  • 8 line is best for calm days, 9 for windy days
  • Line color does not matter, but yellow line is easiest for the fisherman who wants to see his line Leader – 6 to 10 pound test
  • Catch and release/non-barbed hooked fishing procedures encouraged

For more information about Bonefishing:
Please email James ‘Docky” Smith, of Bonafide Bonefishing at
Or visit: