Family Vacations

Our Bahamas Family Resort: The Perfect Place for Kids

Stella Maris FAMILY Island Vacation time is quality time! Far from any distractions of busy tourism enclaves. Letting you easily focus on each other, our Bahamas family resort is designed with your family in mind.

Bond with your children while collecting sand glass along the beaches of our Bahamas family resort, for the kids and adults. What can you do near our Bahamas family resort? Mom and dad can teach their children the easy wonders of our reef life. Your children can have the chance to catch their own lunch-snapper. At our Bahamas family resort you can soak up casual Island history while admiring our Pirate's Caves, and let your children dwell on the hardships of earlier country life when exploring our plantation ruins.

It's all so easy here: The Island is unspoiled – and everything surrounding our Bahamas family resort is safe and fun for the whole family. And isn't it nice that your little ones and teenagers can participate in everything that the adults can? Yes – from snorkeling to diving – from kayaking to exploring, if you want to try it – and if we offer it, you can do it.

What else does our Bahamas family resort feature? Choose from our four swimming pools, three safe ocean lagoons, plenty of nearby baby-safe beaches and bays… ping-pong, a TV room, a playground and low-cost baby-sitting. The young ones at our Bahamas family resort can enjoy our Cave and Pool Parties as much as our adult visitors.

Isn't it also so nice, that Dads and Moms can safely leave the children in our care while pursuing different day adventures?

And isn't it nice that most of these actions are FREE of any costs at our Bahamas family resort? And that we have extra-family-suitable accommodations to suit any family size, various family preferences, and family budgets? Not to mention, our Bahamas family resort features a lounge, bar, restaurant and beach pub that offer great and very affordable kid’s meals.

And we offer significant children's vacation-sharing cost reductions, shown in our rate webpage. It is a long experienced fact: Island vacation time – and certainly that of Stella Maris and Long Island – is quality family time! If you have not tried it before, parents and grandparents, you may be surprised how comfortable the kids will be here and how your teens will discard their everyday hang-ups … in no time at all!

Contact us today to get more information about our Bahamas family resorts.

Family Vacations
Family Vacations

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