Bahamas Diving at Stella Maris

Looking for a vacation that offers a little adventure? Stella Maris offers an incredible variety of Bahamas dive packages for every experience level. From hundreds of coral head reef sites on the northwest lee side of Long Island to some 15 miles of explored northeast Atlantic locations, there is something for every adventure-seeker in our Bahamas dive packages.

Just some of the exciting features of our Bahamas dive packages include:

  • Calm diving, with little or no current for inexperienced divers
  • Areas of dramatic, vast antler and other large-growth coral fields
  • Crystal clear, blue waters
  • Shark diving vacations
  • Wild underwater scenery

Bahamas dive packages provide a feeling of raw adventure and yet, the shore is never far away.

Learn more about 5- and 7-night Bahamas dive packages.

Learning to dive is a great Bahamas vacation and Stella Maris features a number of beautiful Bahamas dive packages that include shallow dives, perfect for the beginning SCUBA diver. We have rental snorkel equipment at reduced rates for hotel guests as well are rental BC/s, regulators, wet suits, dive lights and cameras. Find the ideal Bahamas dive

Looking for something even more adventurous? Consider the shark diving vacations offered by Stella Maris Resort Club. Our shark diving vacations feature 8 to 18 Caribbean reef sharks and allow you the chance to observe them in their natural habitat. View all our and Bahamas dive packages to book your shark diving vacation today!.

View all our Bahamas dive packages and book your shark diving vacation today.

Bahamas Diving Equipment

It is recommended that divers who choose one of our Bahamas dive packages bring their own snorkel equipment, plus BC, regulator, and dive skin or wet suit if needed. Skins or wet suits are nice for the winter months when average air temperatures are in the mid-70s to 80s and water temperatures are typically in the mid-70s to low 80s.

Diving & Equipment Rental Per Day

  • $130: -- per diver/per day – 2 Tank Wreck/Reef Dive
  • Night Dive: $65
  • Conception Island Wall Dive: $150
  • Shark Reef Dive: $150
  • Regulator: - octopus with pressure and depth gauge regulator $12.50
  • BC: $12.50
  • Wet Suit: $10.00
  • Underwater Light: $12.50
  • Snorkel Gear: $10.00


Tanks, aluminum with some small sizes available, and weights, weight belts are available and not subject to rental charges.

Note: Dive equipment is available only for Stella Maris diving participants due to liability issues! Privately owned SCUBA tanks can be filled at prevailing charges if carrier shows valid Dive Certification Card.

Stella Maris Bahamas dive packages are particularly suited to small group travel. Dive Shops, Dive Travel Agents, Dive Club group planners information.

Why dive at Stella Maris? Learn more about all the Stella Maris Bahamas dive packages and shark diving vacations have to offer.

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