Snorkeling In The Bahamas

Long Island Bahamas Snorkeling Sites

  • Poseidon's Point: One of the few Bahamas snorkeling sites where you can see big tarpon swim through the reef, Poseidon’s Point is ideal for snorkeling vacations. Easy entry over rock or from the beach. Ranging from 2-10' to about 30’ out at the edge, an exciting array of large brain coral and elkhorn formations can be seen. This area is a good spot for night snorkeling and is very safe for Bahamas resort vacationers.

  • Coral Gardens: 1/2 mile from Stella Maris Bahamas resort and right at the shoreline, lays this lovely reef in depths of up to 30' with top breaking surface everywhere. Valleys, caves and overhangs all display a breathtaking array of all types of coral, dominated by elkhorn and staghorn coral fields. Angelfish, trumpets and small barracuda are plentiful, while crawfish, big individual Nassau grouper, and hawksbill sea turtles appear in fair numbers. Although dived from a boat, this Bahamas resort snorkeling excursion is usually a from-shore dive.

  • Beginner's Bahamas snorkeling in the Rock Pools: Whether you are not experienced at all, or are a pro, this snorkeling vacation destination is fun for everyone.

  • Flamingo Tongue Reef: This Bahamas snorkeling location is accessible by boat only and is an excellent spot for hard corals, gorgonians and flamingo tongue shells. Explore the garden eel colony. Barracuda and reef school fish, squirrel, grunts, yellow tails are abundant. Excellent crab life, especially at night. A protected area in typically prevailing breezes, set against the beautiful scenery of the Cape Santa Maria Beach, Flamingo Tongue Reef is a must for snorkeling vacations.

  • Rainbow Reef: Three easy entries to this Bahamas snorkeling site allow you to enter from the beach,over rocks, or from the next small beach bay. This site is completely protected in most weather situations. Good coral formations, sponges and small schools of grunts and snappers can be seen. This Bahamas snorkeling vacation destination offers an excellent chance of seeing passing eagle rays!

  • Columbus Harbour: The spot off which Columbus anchored and came ashore by long boat October 16, 1492, Columbus Harbour is a must for Bahamas resort gusts. Walk 300 yards to shallow, protected 1-mile beach bay. Depths from 3-25'. See blue giant parrot fish, Spanish lobster and all types of hard coral at this magnificent Bahamas snorkeling site.

  • Columbus Monument and The Caves: Just north of Columbus Harbour on cliffs from 100' high, sits the monument commemorating Columbus' landing and his brief trading with the natives of "Yuma", Long Island. Below, a few steps from the road, a small beach sits, completely protected. Ride the tidal 'drifts' or snorkel from the mouth of the narrow bay. See fish similar to those at Columbus Harbour, plus The Caves, about a dozen or so, permit easy snorkeling, exploring, and perhaps, the uncovering of a hidden pirate's treasure!

  • Long Bar: Traveled to by boat only, Long Bar is located on the northwest lee side. This snorkeling vacation destination is absolutely superb! View a wonderful variety of coral and fish. Enjoy Bahamas snorkeling among hard corals, a beautiful stand of pillar coral, big basket sponges, and large seafans.

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