What Makes Us the Preferred Choice of Bahamas Diving Resorts?

Our Location: Our resort in the Southern Bahamas offers the best of subtropical climate zones. You can avoid early-year cold fronts and enjoy surprisingly moderate summer/fall temperatures.

The Ocean: Crystal-clear and rich with underwater life, our resort in the Bahamas has no pollution and no land runoffs! There are two shorelines (Atlantic and Exuma Bank) across just 1 mile of average land width! The ocean is studded with reefs and ringed with beaches.

Temperatures: Average Winter air temperatures range from the mid-seventies to eighties, while water temperatures range from mid-seventies to low eighties. The Summer/Fall air can be from the eighties to nineties, with the water coming in at mid-eighties. Perfect for our Bahamas dive packages.

The Island: Unspoiled, friendly, quaint, unhurried, historically interesting, very attractive and perfectly safe. Some 80 miles of pretty town settings and gorgeous sea vistas surround the area

Stella Maris Resort Club:Our accommodations are very nice, featuring rooms that are just the right size at prices you can afford.  Our resort in the Bahamas offers expert service. Dedicated to enjoyment in the sun & on the sea, our resort features diving and snorkeling, wholesome day activities and pleasant sunset entertainment. Our resort is ideal for water sports enthusiast and for just-getting-away-from-it-all vacations. Our resort features a casual atmosphere and is not suited for 'glittery'-style holidays. Browse all our <a href="http://www.stellamarisresort.com/bahamas-dive-packages.asp"> Bahamas dive packages</a> and book one today.

Bahamas Diving: Whether it is your first time diving or you are a regular island cruiser, our Bahamas dive packages feature something for everyone. Varied along two shorelines and at nearby cays, diving in the Bahamas can’t be matched. Offering a blend of typical Bahamas and Caribbean dive settings with world-renowned highlights such as our shark diving vacation, the superb Conception Wall and the alluring Clarencetown Blue Hole, Stella Maris is the place to be! With the easiest of dive conditions - clear warm water, without currents, and 'fixed' bottoms - for very safe Bahamas diving.

The Stella Maris Marina

The marina is located 1 1/2 miles from the hotel (free diving transfers). The marina features an 18' deep saltwater training pool, diving and fishing equipment shops (for use, not for sale!), docks, boat ramp, and more. Diving gear available here for guests' use, but we recommend bringing your own gear (except weights and tanks). Some equipment repairs are available, but spare items/parts are limited due to variety. Bahamas diving gear can be left on boats or in shops overnight. Gear rinsing is available on boats, at docks and at dive shop.

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Stella Maris Bahamas Diving

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