Bahamas Diving Boats

65' Sol Mar III: Dive Boat/Cruiser, twin diesel 10 knots, large deck space and cabin/lounge area, upper sun deck, oversized dive platform for easy water entry.  Generator with 110/220 Volt outlets. Accommodates up to 25 divers.

38’ Golden Bear: twin Diesel 18 knots, cabin and fly bridge, dive platform and ladder. Accommodates 11 – 12 divers.

31' Sol Mar II: A fast day-dive cruiser, with plenty of deck area. Single diesel, 16 knot. Sunroof; entry from low boat sides for 'rolling over' or via small platform.  Accommodates 8 – 9 divers.

All Bahamas diving vessels are radio equipped, meet all legally required safety equipment standards, and have head(s)!

Most Bahamas diving is done from boat, some from shore. Boat travel from the Stella Maris Marina takes from 20 to 50 minutes. Boats sometimes meet divers at more dive-site oriented beaches/docks for less traveling and more variety.

Well planned and safe overnight adventure cruises feature the nearby cays of Rum Cay, Conception Island, and Cat Island and can include any of the many Exuma Cays. This part of the Bahamas is a diver's and boater's paradise, offering history, beautiful scenery and the quaint Out Island way of life and the superb diving adventures below!

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Stella Maris Bahamas Diving

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