Beaches Surrounding Our Bahamas Beach Resort

At our Bahamas beach resort, every day of your vacation can offer a new adventure. Our Bahamas hotel is surrounded by beautiful beaches from every angle.

Visit them all or spend all your time at your favorites, our Bahamas beach resort makes it easy to find the perfect beach for you!

Our Beach - Virtual Tours

In front of our Bahamas beach resort - Atlantic Coast:

About 800' of outer rocks provide partial protection this small ocean beach. Imagine pretty coarse pink sand alternates with rock forming occasional “nature pools” just below our Bahamas Beach Resort. Ocean breezes and wave action provide idyllic scenery for your next vacation.

Our Bahamas beach resort features:

  • Cabanas
  • Palm trees
  • Children’s playground
  • Fresh-water swimming pool (70’ x 20’)
  • Partially shaded sun terrace
  • Chairs
  • “Moonshine Beach Bar”
  • And boardwalk to natural pool!
    • Bahamas Beach Resort Boardwalk Bahamas Beach Resort Playground

      700' North of hotel site - Atlantic Coast:

      700' north of our Bahamas beach resort on the Atlantic coast an 800' long open cove of pink coarse sand allows relaxing, swimming and snorkeling from the beach in calm weather. Not very suitable for small children.

      South of our Bahamas beach resort (distance from 2000') - Atlantic Coast: The Rock Pools

      About 3/4 mile of pink course sand with occasional outer rocks and breath-taking rock plateaus lays our Rock Pools. Our Bahamas beach resort allows for swimming and snorkeling off the beach in calm weather. Ending up (South) in 3 interconnecting 'natural rock pools' – this site is ideal for children and offers a picturesque “mini” snorkeling site.

      Immediately West of Stella Maris: Adderley's Bay

      Along the north and the southwest shore, both smaller and longer beaches prevail. These areas offer calm, protected, shallow water with superb bone fishing. No schedules provided – a great location for explorers.

      Northwest of Stella Maris: Cape Santa Maria Bay and Beach:

      One of the Resort Club's regularly featured beach/swimming/snorkeling sites. 20 Minutes by bus, this is unquestionably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

      Enjoy pure white-powdery sand. The bay faces towards the northwest and is mostly calm. Even in strong inland winds it remains pretty, swimmable, and enjoyable! Outer reefs and coral heads off shore. Toward the western end of this 3 mile beach and bay, there are three snorkeling areas right off the beach: a mild shallow sea garden, shallow rock/low coral formations around the final western rock point, and "Rainbow Reef", a very pretty rock and coral reef, ideal for fair weather snorkeling.

      North of our Bahamas beach resort - Atlantic Coast: Columbus Harbour & Columbus Monument:

      One of our featured beach/snorkeling/shelling excursion sites. 20 minutes by bus. 1 mile of completely protected shallow inner bay beach, plus two further 1/2 mile outer beaches.

      This area features outer coral heads and often good shelling. Enjoy superb snorkeling (fair weather required) from the end of inner bay and off both outer bays. Inner bay great for children. Also, a little fun fact: Christopher Columbus rowed into this bay on his first New World voyage!

      Bahamas Beach Resorts Bahamas Resort

      This is one of the regularly featured Resort Club's beach/snorkeling/history excursion sites. Only 25 minutes by bus, the high cliffs drop sharply to the north coast and to the inner bay, featuring the Columbus Landing Monument and breathtaking views all around.

      A small beach below, inside the bay, offers superb snorkeling along the outer north shore in all but rough weather. Inner shallows are pretty and great for exploring. Enjoy body-drift tides! Great for children.

      Want more information? Learn more about Beaches South of Our Bahamas Beach Resort today!

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