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Stella Maris Resort Air Service provides flights to Stella Maris, Long Island, Bahamas from Nassau or Georgetown, Great Exuma and other Bahamas islands for guests of our Bahamas resort. Charges are per seat or per charter. Flights to Stella Maris International Airport are routinely provided for Stella Maris Resort guests; and other island passengers on request.

Bahamas Flight Service Rates

Nassau/Stella Maris: $150 one way
Great Exuma/Stella Maris: $106 one way

Charter Rates and Seat Rates for other routes available on request.
All Stella Maris Flights are subject to a fuel surcharge – whether per seat or charter booking.

Hotel arranged flights to the Stella Maris Airport are easily confirmed when you make your reservation at our Bahamas resort. Flight bookings must be accompanied with all details of inbound and outbound flights. A form will be provided for you to reply by fax or e-mail. Flights are limited to daylight hours for Bahamas Out Islands airports. For example, you should be scheduled to arrive in Nassau by 2:00pm (3:00pm George Town) in order to connect through to Stella Maris Resort Club on the same day. Flying time from Nassau to Stella Maris Airport is 1 hour. From George Town to Stella Maris Airport the flight is 20 minutes. Since the Stella Maris Resort flight service is not scheduled service, sometimes waiting periods cannot be avoided. Whenever suitable, Stella Maris Resort arranged flights may be partially or totally replaced with regular airline, or commuter service. Your return flight home should be scheduled to depart Nassau or George Town no earlier than 10:30 am.

Deposit: 100% of one-way rate at time of booking; 50% of roundtrip rate at time of booking.

Cancellation: Two weeks prior to departure for full refund. No Show passengers forfeit deposit. Late arrival due to other airline service will not affect this policy.

Departure/Arrival taxes are not included in hotel arranged flight rates.

Luggage: Advise excess of 50# per person in advance. Please avoid packing large/hard suitcases.

Airport Meeting Information for Stella Maris Resort Service

  • Nassau International: Stella Maris flights meet with customers at Executive Flight Support FBO. Telephone 242-377-3355. Access from the International arrival section to Executive Flight Support is by taxi. Stella Maris Resort Club telephones 242-338-2051 (-2050)(-2053). Stella Maris Florida Office: Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm 800-426-0466, 954-359-8236.
  • Recommended Nassau overnight Hotels:
    Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort – (on Cable Beach, close to airport)
    British Colonial – (on Bay Street, in Town, great for shopping)
    Atlantis – (on Paradise Island, great with kids)
  • Our pilot cell phone number: 242-357-1182
  • Exuma International: After you have cleared Bahamas Customs and Immigration proceed to the airline check-in lounge. Stella Maris flights meet with customers prior to going through security.
  • Late Arrival: Passengers experiencing problems with very late arrivals should do everything possible to notify our Bahamas resort enroute. Please see above phone number for the resort and pilots.

Bahamas Airport Commuters from Nassau to Long Island

Southern Air

Nassau departure 8:00 a.m.
Stella Maris departure 9:00 a.m.

Nassau departure 2:00 pm
Stella Maris departure 3:00 pm
Tel: 242 377 2014 (Nas), 242 338 2095 (LI), Fax: 242 377 1066 (Nas)


Check Schedules: Nassau to Deadman’s Cay, and Stella Maris, Long Island

Airport Taxi Transfers

LGI/Deadman's Cay
The Deadman's Cay Airport is approximately 30 miles south of Stella Maris. Taxis are available for passengers arriving at LGI in route to Stella Maris Resort Club. Fare is $100 for up to 5 passengers and $15 for each additional passenger. Taxis may be shared.

SML/Stella Maris
The Stella Maris Airport is approximately 1/2 mile from the Stella Maris Clubhouse. Taxis are available for passengers arriving at SML in route to Stella Maris Resort Club. Fare is $10 per person.

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